DETROIT360 encompasses the full circle of Lowell’s work from the tangible of painting to the intangible of web art, forming an orbit around Detroit and the questions it begs about urban society in a decentralizing world.

The subject of Lowell’s paintings is the urban landscape as inspired and informed by Detroit. is a natural progression from his paintings. A 1000+ page for-art website portraying the painful transformation of Detroit from industrial to information age city, DetroitYES is an attempt use the web to paint a multidimensional portrait of the International Metropolis of Detroit through images of the city and the voices of those who care about it as expressed through the website's forums. The idea has been to create an audience authored artwork, one where the artist poses the question and then becomes just one of the participants in pursuit of answers, answers which enrich the portrait with color and detail.

Lauded as the best Detroit website by the Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, Detroit Metro Times, Hour Magazine, and as a Yahoo Pick of the Year, DetroitYES has been profiled in many media sources including the New York Times, Public Television and Wired Magazine. Combined with SoulfulDETROIT and the Lost Synagogues of Detroit Lowell's for-art websites attract over 2 million visitors a year and process thousands of visitor interactions through its vigorous and sometimes heated discussion forums.

Lowell Boileau is a self learned is a self-learned fine art painter and web artist who has presented his paintings in exhibitions in Detroit, Chicago and Germany since 1980. Starting in the early 1990’s his medium of expression expanded into the cyber world with his digital crossover piece “Total Intervention” at the Detroit Institute of Arts in 1995 and into the World Wide Web with his creation of the purely for-art websites and His work has been recognized with three Michigan Creative Artist grants and a National Endowment for the Arts grant.  View Resume, Reviews, Media Profiles

Cass Café
The Cass Café is well known as the gathering point for Detroit’s creative community and has been hosting to exhibitions and performance by many of Detroit’s most renowned artists and musicians. It is located in the heart of Detroit’s cultural center and art bohemia, just south of the corner of Cass and Forest and a short distance south of the Detroit Art Institute and Wayne State University campus.

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