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Headed downtown yesterday about 3:30pm, began by making our way over to Campus Martius park to see what was going on. Headed down Monroe and noticed the Seahawk cheerleaders coming out of the Compuware building. Followed them to their bus and then headed off to the Gem theatre where we waited in the rain for a while to get in and see Jimmy Kimmel. We were treated with Little Caesars pizza and delicious Faygo soda and seated around 5:45. The whole process was quite a mess, but still a good time. Made it in to see the 4 tops and funk brothers; enjoyed the fact that I was no more than 1 foot away from Jessica Alba as she moved through the theatre. And Jimmy's girlfriend, Sara Silverman, was standing a few feet away as well. After the show we headed over to the DBC and had a drink there before meeting up with some friends and making our way around town to see how many people were around. Headed back to Campus Martius and it was PACKED. People everywhere, quite a sight for sore eyes. Heading over to Jacobys and noticed a crowd out back. I took a quick jog over and noticed a photo shoot with Jenn Jameson. She really needs to work on her abs. :| Tried to pop into Jacobys, but the first floor was packed and I had no interest in paying to see some band i've never heard of. As we were standing in front of Jacobys, a group of about 8 or 9 girls strutted by in their tiny tops and skirts; just your run of the mill porn stars on their way to the vivid party. That ended an evening of superbowl sightings. Still disappointed that the midget riding the donkey never showed up.

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