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My brother in law, a college student, is doing a photography project about Detroit's auto history. Other than the Model T building in Highland Park and the Piquette plant, what are some other good places. He wants to get some photos of some cool spots. I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!
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Username: Itsjeff

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https://www.atdetroit.net/forum/mes sages/5/38415.html?1140713788
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If you haven't noticed in the past year, there is an Old Car Thread, I'd suggest you check out that wealth of information.

Aside: I wanted to print out that thread to read at my leisure, it wasn't until page 23 I realized I hadn't formatted it correctly. Arggggggggg.
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Heres' a partial list of automakers in and around Detroit, not all of these are still standing. Please see OCF thread, and download the db from Aiw's site for more info.

Abbott-Detroit Beaufait & Waterloo
Aerocar Mack & Beaufait
American Electromobile Lafayette & Meldrum
American Motors 14250 Plymouth Rd
Anderson Electric 416 Clay St & Riopelle
Anhut 510 Howard St.
Apex/ACE Ypsilanti
Barnes 510 Howard St.
Blomstrom, C.H. 62 Second Avenue
Blomstrom, C.H. Lieb & Wight St
Blomstrom, C.H. 75 Clark or 1289-94 Jefferson
Bour-Davis W. Fort & 23rd St.
Briggs-Detroiter 461 Holbrook Ave & GTW RR
Brush Motor Car 12-14 Baltimore
Brush Runabout #1 Euclid & GTWRR
Brush Runabout 468 Rhode Island & Oakland
Buick Mfg. Co. 416-418 Howard St.
Cadillac Automobile Co 5140 Riopelle & E. Warren
Cadillac Amsterdam Plt 450 Amsterdam & 1363 Cass
Cadillac Clark St Plt 2860 Clark St
Cadillac Conner 10865 Devine & Conner
Cadillac Fleetwood Plt 261 West End Ave & Fort St.
Cadillac Plant #2 1899 Trombley & Dequindre
Cadillac Plant #4 28 Custer & John R
Carhartt S.W. cnr Michigan & 10th Ave
Car-Nation 11600-11649 Lawton
Cartercar 220-230 1st St.& Bagley
Cartercar 40 Frankilin St, Pontiac
Cartercar/Motorcar 21st & Baker
Century Electric Woodward & Lothrop
Chalmers Jefferson Ave
Chalmers-Detroit Oakland Ave
Chevrolet Motor Co. 1145 West Grand Blvd
Chevrolet Gear & Axle Holbrook & St. Aubins
Chrysler 6501 Harper
Chrysler 9400 McGraw Ave
Chrysler Jefferson & Kercheval
Chrysler 12200 E Jefferson
Chrysler Motors 841 Massachusetts
Chrysler, Mack Stamping 11631 Mack Ave
Clark 59 Woodbridge
Collins Six Cass & Amsterdam
Colonial Electric 66-70 Brainard St.
Columbia Six Beaufait & Mack
Columbian Electric 1801 Mt Elliot
Commerce Beaubien & E Lafayette
Commerce S. Solvay Ave & Mackie
Commercial 259-267 Franklin St
Crescent Meldrum & Lafayette
Cricket Cyclecar 80 Walker St.
Crown 65-71 Catherine St.(Madison)
Day Auto Car 25 E. Milwaukee
De Luxe 75 Clark & River Rd.
Demotcar Co 21st St >1305 Bellvue & Frederick
DeSoto 9400 McGraw Ave
DeSoto Lynch Rd Assemby
DeSoto 8505 W. Warren, Dearborn
Detroit Air Cooled 3745 Cass
Detroit Auto Co 1363 Cass Ave.
Detroit Auto Mfg. Co. 177-179 Larned St.
Detroit Auto Mfg. Co. 253-59 E. Willis Ave ?
Detroit Auto Vehicle Co. 65-71 Catherine St.(Madison)
Detroit-Dearborn Dearborn
Detroit Electric Car 731 10th St.
Detroit Steam Car
Detroit Taxicab & Transfer
Detroiter (Det. Mot. Car) 1915-17 Holbrook & Greeley
Dingfelder 958 Jefferson
Doble-Detroit Fourth & Porter
Dodge Main 7900 Joseph Campau Ave
Downing Cyclecar
Dubire-Callie Motor Co 6210 2nd Ave
Durant Motors Inc. 5057 Woodward
Eagle Electric 169 Howard St
Eclipse Euclid Ave
Electromobile Lafayette & Meldrum
E-M-F 202-285 Piquette
E-M-F Clay & Dequindre
E-M-F 75 Clark & River Rd
Essex Franklin Ave
Eureka Mfg 169-171 Sylvester
Everitt, B.F. Beaufait & Mack
Fee & Bock 254 Jefferson
Flanders Six Beaufait & Mack
Flanders 20 75 Clark & River Rd.
Flyer Mt. Clemens
Ford, Henry, Co./DAC 1363 Cass Ave.
Ford 685 Mack & Beaufait
Ford 411 Piquette & Beaubien
Ford River Rouge
Ford Woodward Highland Park
Ford Service 7310 Woodward
Gadabout Lafayette
General Motors Cab Pontiac
Gilmore Motor Works 1174 Fort St W.
Goodspeed-Detroit 272 Harper
Graham-Paige 6250 Woodward
Graham-Paige 8505 W. Warren, Dearborn
Graham-Paige 4465 Fort & McKinstry
Graham-Paige 36253 Michigan, Wayne, MI
Grant 1000 Woodward
Gray Motor Corp. 2102 Mack & DTRR
Grinnel Electric Auto
Griswold Motor Co Lieb & Wight (leased Blomstrom)
Gyroscope Lieb & Wight
Hammer Motor Car 313-315 Riopelle
Hammer-Sommer 573 Gratiot
Hammer-Sommer 298-300 W. Columbia
Harroun 36253 Michigan Ave. Wayne
Hawk 256 Harmon Ave
Herreshoff Harper & Dequindre
Huber Auto Car 248 Jefferson
Hudson Mack & Beaufait
Hudson 12601 E. Jefferson & Conner
Hudson 10865 Devine and Conner
Hupp Milwaukee & Mt. Elliott
Hupp 345 Bellvue Ave
Hupp 115-185 Lycaste & Jefferson Ave
Hupp 1300-1324 Jefferson & Concord
Hupp-Yeats 285 Monroe St.
Imperial Electric
Jaeger Belleville
Jewett 8505 W. Warren, Dearborn
Kaiser-Frazer 8505 W. Warren, Dearborn
Kaiser-Frazer Willow Run plant
Keeton 11600-11649 Lawton
Kessler Motor Co 1297-1309 Terminal Ave & E. Jefferson
Kess Line 657 Lycaste
King Motor Car Co 1559 West Jefferson
King Motor Car Co E Grand Blvd & Jefferson
King Motor Car Co 1300-34 E Jefferson
King, Charles B. Co 110-112 St. Antoine & Congress
K-R-I-T 2600-2795 Wight St & Lieb
K-R-I-T 1608 E. Grand Blvd
La Vigne Cyclecar 5786-5845 Commonwealth GTWRR
LaSalle Wyoming & McGraw
Liberty 657 Lycaste
Liberty 12141 Charlevoix & Conner
Lincoln 6200 W. Warren & Livernois
Lozier 1331 Holden & Lincoln
Lozier "3703 Mack Ave & St Jean"
Mahs 1389 Jefferson
Marvel 284-290 Rivard & Mullet
Maxwell Oakland Ave & Rhode Island, H.P.
Maxwell-Chalmers E Jeffferson
Maxwell-Briscoe 243-246 Jefferson
Mercury Cyclecar 807 Scotten
Mercury 6200 W. Warren & Livernois
Mercury Cyclecar Co 807-15 Scotten
Meredith 451-543 Gratiot
Metzger/Everitt 1961 E Milwaukee
Miller Car Co 1638 Russell St
Monarch S.W. cnr Michigan & 10th Ave
Monroe S. Saginaw St, Pontiac
Nash-Kelvinator 14250 Plymouth Rd.
Nelson Bellevue & Kercheval
Northern E Jefferson
Oakland Oakland & Grove, Pontiac
Olds Motor Works 1308-1318 Jefferson & Concord
Olympian 40 Frankilin St, Pontiac
Owen 1608 E Grand Blvd & MCRR
Packard 1539 E.Grand Blvd & MCRR
Packard Conner & Warren
Paige-Detroit #1 262 McKinstry & Fort
Paige-Detroit 8505 W. Warren, Dearborn
Paige 550 Fort & 12th
Paragon Motor Car 284-290 Rivard & Mullet
Pilgrim Highland Park
Plymouth 6334 Lynch Road
Pontiac Oakland & Grove, Pontiac
Princess Motor Car 1305 Bellevue & Frederick
Pungs-Finch 1524 E. Jefferson & Baldwin
Queen 75 Clark or 1289-94 Jefferson
R-C-H 115-185 (657?) Lycaste
Racine Boat & Auto 182 E. Jefferson
Read 68 E Lafayette
Regal Piquette
Regal Harper & Hastings
Reliance 87-89 Fort St E.
Rex Junction & Jefferson
Rickenbacker Michigan Ave
Rickenbacker 4815 Cabot
Rockne 401 Piquette
S & M Motor Co 1890 Mt Elliot
Saxon Motor Co Beaufait & Waterloo
Saxon Motor Co 1020 Beaufait& Gratiot
Saxon Motor Co 9400 McGraw Ave
Scripps-Booth Cyclecar 5817 Lincoln
Scripps-Booth 1020-30 Beaufait & Gratiot
Scripps-Booth 1145 West Grand Blvd
Scripps-Booth 9400 McGraw Ave
Sibley Solvay & Mackie
Sommers Motor Car 298-300 Columbia St E.
Storms Electric 807-815 Scotten
Stout Motor Car 2124 S. Telegraph
Studebaker #1 201-285 Piquette
Studebaker #3 Fort & Clark
Studebaker #10 401 Piquette
Templeton-Dubrie 687 Mack Ave.
Terraplane 12601 E. Jefferson & Conner
Thomas-Detroit Harper & Dequindre
Traveler 5786-5845 Commonwealth
Wahl 3089 E. Grand Blvd & Woodward
Walker Motor Car 107 East Fort St.
Warren Motor Car 1331 Holden
Wayne Auto Car Dubois & Franklin St
Welch S. Saginaw St, Pontiac
Welch-Detroit Jefferson & Brush
Wheeler Mfg Co 10-16 Baltimore
Whiffler, C.E. 12-16 Sherman & Hastings
Wills Sainte Claire Marysville
Wolverine 21 Jones St
Yellow Cab Pontiac

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