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Does anyone remember 1935? Of course you don't, because if you did you be over seventy years old and wouldn't be wasting your last days discussing DETROIT to a bunch of strangers over the internet. The reason I am posting this thread (My first post ever) is because DETROIT is headed down that infamous road again. The road in which the City of Motors took the title of City Of Champions as well. Long before Motown, the Superbowl or the Mustang, even before the riots (that's the riots of 43' too) DETORIT was riding the waves of being the greatest city in the world........well it least sports city. It was a time when America was suffering the worst economic drought in history as the great depression quickly spread across the country, frezzing spending for the next decade. But that didn't stop Detroit. During the years that followed the prohibition DETROIT brought home the Power Racing Boat championship in 31' the Red Wings, the Lions and the Tigers took their respective trophys in 35'(the Tigers went on to win the title again in 36') and Cass Technician Eddie "The Midnight Express" Talon grab the gold in the 100 and 200 meter relay in the 32' Olympics. It was also the decade DETROIT would labeled little known fighter Joe Barrow, later Joe Louis, from the west-side "The Brown Bomber" who would defend the title a record 12 years. DETROIT was indeed the City Of Champions as baseball attendance skyrocketed pass 900,000 in 1935 and pass the million mark in 1936. The Tiger attendance of 1935 alone made up 25% of the entire baseball audience. Today (2006) it looks like DETROIT is making her mark again. The DETROIT Piston, and Red Wings are tops in their fields, and the Tigers are off to(one of) their best starts in 21 years. The city just hosted three of the biggest event in sports(Ryder Cup, Baseball All-Star Game, And The SuperBowl), and despite never bringing home a SuperBowl trophy the Lions have one of the best attendance records in football history(At the Silverdome of course). While Miss DETROIT has been quite busy and is in the middle of a her building boom and glorifying her waterfront, I want to take my hat off and say well done DETROIT, well done. 313

P.S. (I hope I didn't jinx the Tigers on Monday)

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