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Well, this has to be as good a place as any.

I'm selling my first round, first game tickets for the wings playoffs on ebay. I had to enter the face value including all fees, etc.

Under the description, it reads "Attention Sellers:

eBay's Ticket Policy for Michigan Bidders. Michigan state law restricts the resale price of a ticket for this venue if any part of the transaction takes place in Michigan. Therefore, bidders from Michigan will not be permitted to bid above $177.00 for your tickets. However, bidders from other states are not covered by this law and may bid without restriction. IMPORTANT: Respect the ticket laws of Michigan, and protect yourself from possible legal liability--if the final price for your tickets exceeds, do not mail tickets to or conduct any part of the transaction in Michigan.
Additionally, eBay rules require that tickets listings for events in Michigan in which the face value exceeds $200 per ticket contain proof of the ticket's face value. This proof must be within the item description in the form of a partial scan of the actual ticket(s) that clearly shows the face value as printed on the ticket."

So, what I want to know is where I can find the Michigan (and Detroit) laws that limit the selling of these items above face value. I ask because I know before the superbowl the rules changed. Also, I was under the impression that because I am not a michigan resident and the tickets are sold over the net that this transaction would be exempt. I (mistakenly?) thought that you were only subject to these laws if the actual transaction (payment and delivery) took place in Michigan or Detroit. I could fib the face value of the tickets, but if caught could be banned from ebay and face criminal charges. So, a little reluctant to do that.

What is the real deal? Where can I find a listing of Michigan and Detroit laws?

FYI, I was hoping to make a few bucks reselling the tix. However, I'm now willing to take a loss and sell at face value (I lose $10 on shipping + ebay charges). If you are interested in my tickets, please see my listing and buy it now. http://cgi.ebay.com/Detroit-Re d-Wings-Playoff-Round-1-Home-G ame-1-Date_W0QQitemZ6622659321 QQcategoryZ16122QQrdZ1QQcmdZVi ewItem

(Lowell: my apologies if making a sales pitch is against the rules).

I am still curious about the laws.


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