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Looking for a cheap reliable used car20 03-30-09  3:17 am
J.A.C EXTERIORS03-28-09  7:59 pm
I am looking for used church pews...03-16-09  4:07 pm
Needed: Speaker of Mandarin Chinese and English.03-11-09  4:39 pm
Islandview Village Flat for Lease17 03-09-09  12:11 pm
Laid off? Looking? I need your help. 03-04-09  4:56 pm
Vintage detroit photos03-02-09  8:13 pm
Used Steam Heat Radiators02-20-09  1:37 pm
Desperately seeking a JOB!02-18-09  4:09 pm
Detroit collectibles13 02-17-09  6:04 pm
Need Biz Cards? 1,000 Full Color for $5502-13-09  9:24 am
Job needed as well..01-27-09  3:55 pm
Welcome to the DetroitYES Free* Classified Ads01-27-09  3:52 pm
A Great Family Event in Detroit01-26-09  5:09 pm
Used Flat File Cabinet $25001-26-09  3:44 pm
Tuesday Pub Quiz at the Lager House01-17-09  6:53 pm
DetroitYES! New 2009 Calendar & More Fun Items01-13-09  7:23 pm
New Shopping Center Opening up at the Russel Industrial Center!01-13-09  4:23 pm
Will work for paycheck.21 01-12-09  10:43 pm
Looking for a kitten12-29-08  11:48 am
P/T Help Wanted12-29-08  12:00 am
Looking for bartending job asap14 12-15-08  7:01 am
Wanted kitchen cabinets12-02-08  8:02 pm
Wanted- washer ,dryer, fridge, stove12-01-08  3:03 pm
Window installer or vinyl siding installler?11 11-15-08  10:32 pm
GUTTER CLEANING10-27-08  7:09 pm
Spacious 1 Bedroom Ferndale Flat for Rent09-23-08  1:24 am
Busy dog daycare and kennel now hiring09-17-08  7:07 pm
Trying to stay in Detroit09-09-08  8:59 pm
Looking for professional salesperson07-23-08  12:36 am
Need a new Roof? Call Surewood Construction!05-03-08  2:24 pm
Canine To Five Now Hiring04-28-08  5:23 pm
Painting and Labor Services01-18-08  10:08 pm
Postcards from the Past- Volume- The Border Cities02-10-06  10:53 am
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