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Interesting article concerning research and development at WSU. I recall a public speaker who visited Detroit stating that a region's prosperity is tied to the number of patents generated, leading to the creation of jobs and more innovation.
The hardcopy of this article on pg. 11 states that Michigan is ranked 5th in the nation for generating patents. So what is stifling creation of new industry?

http://www.crainsdetroit.com/a pps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/2007 0205/SUB/70202023

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The problem with the patents generated in Michigan is a majority are generated by the auto industry. The large local research and development facilities run by DaimlerChrysler, GM and Ford generate huge numbers of patents every year. These include advancements in vehicle, manufacturing and base technologies. Many patents are also generated by the tier 1 automotive suppliers. Unfortunately the patents are for an industry that has little employment growth potential. They may actually be hurting employment rates by making design and manufacturing processes more efficient.

Generating patents in a growing industry will always translate to more jobs for a company. Generating patents in a no growth industry can steal jobs from other manufacturers but will not lead to an increase in employment.
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"So what is stifling creation of new industry?"

We actually have created a new industry that is very patent heavy...Michigan, believe it or not, is a leader, if not THE leader, in the robotics industry...most of those business are based up in Oakland county and in and around places like Auburn Hills and Rochester...

Just because it's not happening in Detroit doesn't mean it's not happening...

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