TCF Center Mural 2020

Welcome to the progress site for the mural "Inbound/Outbound Detroit" by Lowell Boileau. The mural on-site creation at Detroit's convention hall, the TCF Center, began on Feb. 4, 2020 and is ongoing.

This page will be updated as the mural creation progresses. Scroll down to follow the progression from with most recent image at the top back in time to the beginning proposal.

Day 13: End of Day.

Day 12: End of Day.

Day 11: End of Day.

Day 10: End of Day.

Day 9: End of Day.

Day 9: Around two PM a shift of workers renovating the nearby Marquette Building pass by en route to their cars on the roof top parking lot. Many are appreciative and I get a lot of attaboys and compliments that always brighten my day.

Day 9: Midday I pause for a video interview with Shannon, TCF Center's digital media editor.

Day 9: Today I began painting the sky defining the furrows between the clouds.

Day 9: Arriving at work. I'm taken back in mind to my manual labor days on the assembly lines and delivery trucks. I am towing my lunch and hauling water for the painting.

Day 8: End of Day.

Day 8: A special treat. Maureen Devine, TCF Art Director who has been my liaison, has been so kind, accommodating and helpful. Other staff members and security guards have likewise to been so pleasant. Today Maureen came by with Jennifer of catering and laid these delights next to my palette! Thank you.

Day 8: Laying the two walls side by side shows the united image emerging.

Day 8: The west wall.

Day 8: The north wall. Today saw the base-color painting was completed on the big cars that form the 'book ends' of the mural. Likewise all the bridges are now base-painted and the remaining cars nearly so. I feel like I have turned the corner on the painting. Tomorrow the the sky pattern will be painted and the road shadows begun to bring the floating cars to earth and make the bridges soar.

Day 7: End of Day.

Day 7: End of Day--View of mural from rooftop parking lot set against the skyline of Detroit.

Day 7: End of Day--Zoom in view from rooftop parking lot.

Day 7: Today the base color painting of the bridges is completed and drawing of the back bridge vehicles finished.

Day 7: The day starts by drawing, using a French curve to the expressway bridge bend.

Day 7: End of Day.



Day 6: End of Day.

Day 6: Mixing Expressway bridge gray--Titanium White + Paynes Gray + Mars Black.

Day 6: Lining out the sky with a mix of Dioxazine Purple + Titanium White.

Day 5: End of Day. About a third of the base painting has been completed.

Day 5: The grind continues, working off the palette to tighten some details. The yellow base color of the roadways has been laid down. This will be overlaid by dark strokes and reflective colors but the yellow will peek through the gaps and give the road its sparkle and energy.

Day 5: Another day of base color filling begins. Today it starts with putting the wheels on the big outer cars


Day 4: End of Day.

Day 4: If I had my 'druthers I might have proposed starting the image two feet above the floor. Now you can see why. But the floor to ceiling impact will hopefully be worth the effort.

Day 4: I will be working from foreground to background. Since the darkest and brightest values will be in the foreground, that will help determine the values moving toward the background as well as the intensity of the glowing sky.

Day 4: The next three or four days will be consumed by the grind of bulk painting. Consider this the 'paint by number' phase. So today began by mixing tubs paint necessary. In this case dioxazine purple, cadmium yellow, raw umber and [not shown] vat orange.

Day 3: End of Day. The image begins to emerge.

Day 3: Outlining and base dark areas are stroked out in raw umber.

Day 2: End of Day view of the projection tracing north wall. You'll have to squint to see the outlines.

Day 2: Projection Detail of West Wall. Water soluble felt pens, used in sewing, creates light blue lines that will disappear in the final painting.

Day 2: The vector image is projected and traced onto the walls. Due to the space limitations, the tracing required section by section projection.

Day 2: The practice painting has been converted to a vector image for projection purposes using Adobe Fresco on an iPad.

Day 1: End of day. The base color is completed.

Day 1: Cutting in the corners for base color painting.

Day 1: Mixing white gesso to a peach orange color. It will be the base color of the painting.

Day 1: Protective runners have been laid down and the baseboard taped off.

Day 1: Arrival. Set up begins.

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